val di gresta

Situated in the southwest of Trentino, between the Adige Valley and the Sarca Valley, Val di Gresta is a designated organic district. Here, local resources are managed sustainably, following an organic production and consumption model. In the organic district of Val di Gresta (Trentino) all natural, cultural, and productive resources are used and valued through local policies focused on safeguarding the environment, traditions, and local knowledge. Special emphasis is placed on promoting organic produce, complementing the promotion of the region to fully exploit its potential. Come and explore the exceptional region of Trentino and the organic district of Val di Gresta.


  • Bus stop – 10 metres
  • Pharmacy – 30 metres
  • Park – 130 metres
  • Medical centre – 250 metres

points of interest

  • Riva del Garda – 22km
  • Rovereto – 20km
  • MART – Museum – 23km
  • MUSE – Trento Museum – 32km
  • Avio Castle – 32km


Explore mountain trails

Mount Creino, with breathtaking views of Lake Garda and World War One Trenches

Mount Stivo, Trentino’s second-most panoramic spot

Mount Biaena, a forest adventure amidst the pristine wilderness

Giazzere, perpetually cold geological marvels, studied by experts worldwide, including Stenone

Mount Brugnolo, the crash site of an American bomber from World War II

Health trail: outdoor exercise amidst nature’s embrace, just 500 metres from our hotel

Biotopo Lake Cei circuit


Hotel Martinelli is nestled in Ronzo-Chienis, the largest village in the captivating Val di Gresta.
It offers a gateway to the Dolomites and the serenity of Lake Garda. Whether you’re after an active holiday or simply wish to unwind while indulging in regional and vegetarian cuisine, Ronzo-Chienis promises the perfect escape.

Exhibition market

Exploring the organic offerings of Val di Gresta.

Every year, the village hosts an Exhibition Market to showcase its exceptional organic produce. Explore World War One ruins on guided walks, engage in educational workshops focusing on biodiversity, attend woodcraft demonstrations, and enjoy organic bike rides through the vegetable gardens. Immerse yourself in the world of organic vegetables and farming, alongside historical and cultural routes, and artisanal craftsmanship in this captivating valley.

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