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Nestled in the heart of Val di Gresta for over 55 years.

A special holiday experience awaits you at Hotel Martinelli in Ronzo-Chienis, the largest of all the picturesque villages in the stunning Val di Gresta. Strategically located at the foot of the Dolomites and only a stone’s throw from Lake Garda, Hotel Martinelli in Ronzo-Chienis promises to fulfil your long-awaited holiday dreams.

In addition to 19 bedrooms, each equipped with modern comforts, we also manage two holiday apartments near the hotel.

Martinelli is more than just a hotel; it’s also a restaurant and bar where you can indulge in regional and vegetarian menus featuring authentic ingredients and local produce. Hotel Martinelli in Ronzo-Chienis offers the perfect setting for an active summer or winter getaway. With stunning natural surroundings, it caters to mountain biking, road cycling, paragliding, hiking, climbing, and ski mountaineering lovers.

The Martinelli Family

Under the Martinelli family’s stewardship for over 55 years, supported by a top-tier team, Hotel Martinelli draws its strength from its passion for making people feel good. During your stay with us, you can encounter new experiences, sample delicious local produce, and explore the charming local area. Throughout its history, the hotel has served as a mountain refuge for locals of all ages to meet travellers from across the globe. Embracing hospitality in its entirety is the guiding principle that steers our daily work.

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Our philosophy

Respect for the environment and appreciation for the local area.

Nestled in the picturesque Val di Gresta in Trentino, Hotel Martinelli is committed to environmental conservation, focusing on eco-friendly services and products. We prioritise renewable energy, using renewable electricity and solar panels to heat our domestic water supply.

In addition, we strive to minimise waste production and recycle all reusable materials. Naturally, we also make every effort to prevent water wastage and exclusively use 100% biodegradable detergents. Come and experience the pleasure of a holiday in step with nature!

renewable electricity

cuisine that values
local produce

Val di Gresta
fruit and vegetables


We use as much local produce as we can in our dishes.


We use as much local produce as we can in our dishes.

Welcome to Val di Gresta


Motorbike parking, workshop, and washing facilities

Explore our services in more detail and embark on motorcycle adventures to must-see destinations like Lake Garda, Rovereto, and Mount Baldo.


Active holidays in Trentino

The local area offers endless activities, including mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding, paragliding, ski mountaineering, and many, many more.